DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors: (1994)

DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors is arguably one of the most underrated fighting games of the 90’s.  The sprites and graphics for the original DarkStalkers game were incredible and it’s also one of the many games that some people instantly think about when it comes down to the CPS II era of gaming.  In fact, in some ways the original DarkStalkers game was an innovator to some many cool features that we saw in 2D fighting games later on during the 90’s. 

The inclusion of in gaming fighting mechanics such as: chain blocking along sir combos was something that people would begin to see more within 2D fighting games such Marvel vs Capcom as the 90’s progressed.  If one owned a PS1 or a Sega Saturn then DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors was most like a fun game to play during the mid 90’s.   Unfortunately this game never got the recognition that many people believe it deserved. 


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