Should the Neo Geo make a return?

The Neo Geo is arguably one of the most underrated game consoles of the 1990’s.  The Neo Geo AES was originally priced at $649.99 when it was first released in America back in 1990.  The console would have arguably sold more units worldwide if it was priced less then it was but that ancient history.  However, the idea of the Neo Geo making a return is something that many people have dreamed about for over a decade.  

If SNK Corporation decides to enter the video game arena again similar to how Atari recently did it would definitely be an announcement that Wikileaks shock the gaming industry.  For the most part we never got a chance to see many 3D games on any of the Neo Geo consoles in the past.  Since Neo Geo seemed more superior than Nintendo and Sega in producing arcade quality 2D games for home consoles it make people wonder how the SNK Corporation would adapt to modern day gaming.


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