Should Madden NFL 18 have Virtual Reality features?

Madden NFL 18.jpg

As many of us know we are expected to see a new Madden game for various game systems such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August 2017.     Madden NFL 18 is game developed by EA Tiburon that many football fans have been waiting to see for almost a year now.  One of the most defining features of Madden NFL 18 is the story mode which is mainly about making to the NFL.  The coolest thing about the story feature is that its supposed to be like a cinematic movie which is a feature that is starting to become popular in some sports titles today.  Along with having high quality graphics and visuals people have the opportunity to play with some of the most popular teams in the NFL including the Packers, Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, 49ers, Panthers and more.

madden NFL 18 wallpaper.jpg

As exciting as things look right now for Madden NFL 18 many people are wondering whether or not virtual reality features will be included in this game.  Since the story mode is already like a cinematic movie playing it through a first person perspective using a VR headset would be amazing.  Not to mention having actual virtual reality gameplay for Madden 18.  The idea of having first person virtual reality gameplay is something that football fans could have only dreamed of about a decade ago.    Seeing that the cost of virtual reality headsets are quite expensive such as: PlayStation VR ($400), Oculus Rift ($600), and the HTC Vive ($800) on average some might wonder whether or not people would spend a large sum of money for a headset if Madden 18 does have virtual reality features.  If EA plans on making more story modes which are similar to cinematic movies like Madden 18 then including virtual reality features to the series would seem like a good idea in the long run.


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