Should Atari utilize cartridges or CD’s for their games?


When it comes down to video games nowadays most gaming companies tend to favor the use of CD ROM’s since they tend to hold more space in terms of memory in relation to video games.  The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One accepts both CD’s and Blu-Ray discs when it comes down to video game media.  The Nintendo Switch on the other hand does cartridges which is unique since many people would argue they are obsolete in comparison to CD ROM’s and Blue-ray.  When Atari decides to release video games for the Ataribox the question that many people would have includes whether or not they will be featured on cartridges or CD-ROM’s?   While some people are inclined to argue that Atari should stick to cartridges since they are very familiar in releasing games in that format others would say they should try to adapt with times and make a console that plays CD’s and Blu-Ray.


In regards to gaming media Atari should probably do something that would make them stand out in comparison to their competitors such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.  However, that is something that is easier said than done.   If Atari wants to follow the same route as Nintendo and making video game cartridges then that would be something that might get the attention of retro gamers from the late 70’s and the 80’s.  But if Atari wants the Ataribox to do great in terms of sales they may have to use gaming media such as CD’s to make an impact.


One thought on “Should Atari utilize cartridges or CD’s for their games?

  1. Why can’t ataribox have both features (CD Rom & Cartridges) I think you will attract new school & old school gamers.

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