Would third party games be very helpful for Atari?

There is still a lot of things that the public does not know about Atari’s upcoming game console known as the Ataribox.  When it comes down to upcoming video game titles for the Ataribox many are wondering what to expect.  There is a good chance that Atari may revive some classic titles that were popular on the AtariLynx along with possibly providing HD remakes of games that were popular on the the Atari 2600.

However, the landscape of gaming has changed dramatically since the late 70’s-early 80’s.  What was popular back then is not quite as popular now in terms of genre. There are games such as Pacman and Breakout that has declined in popularity over the years due to the rise of popularity of different gaming genres such as RPG and shooter titles in the 00’s.  If Atari plans on competing with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft they could definitely benefit from third party games in this day and age.


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