Was the 16 bit era better than modern day gaming?

When it comes down to video games some people consider the 16 bit era to be the golden days of gaming.  Excellent 2D sprites and graphics was appealing to many retro gamers back in the 90’s.  However, during the 90’s many people were very interested in 3D gaming and has loved the evolution that the gaming industry has been through since the development of consoles such as the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn along with the N64.

The 3D gaming was very appealing in terms of storyline and gameplay during the second half of the 90’s and a majority of the 00’s.  However, nowadays most titles on the PS4 and the Xbox One just seem like real life simulation.  While a majority of games that are popular today are RPG and shooter titles once players complete the story or campaign mode there is nothing else for them to do but play online until a sequel of a certain games is released.  Old school games never had this problem since developers put more time and effort into the quality of their games since online gaming was not a big thing back in the 90’s. Even though, the gaming industry has come a long way in terms of visual quality and design Some might argue that old school games were much better during the 90’s.


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