Will Ataribox hit 1 million sales in their first year?

Generally when it comes down to game consoles many people and companies have different standards in terms of how much they believe a video game system should perform in sales.  Wither it be days, weeks months or years companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have certain expectations in terms of how much their gaming consoles should sell during the end of various quarters in each fiscal year.  Atari has been away from the video game scene for over two decades and many people wonder whether or not the Ataribox will be able to hit one million units in terms of worldwide sales.

When the PS4 was first released in late 2013 it had managed to sell over 20 million units worldwide.  However, Sony has been making game consoles consistently since the early to mid 90’s.  Sony is also considered to be the top company in the gaming industry right now.  Trying to compare the first year sales of the PS4 to how well the Ataribox might do in the future seemed unreasonable.  Since the Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017 the console has already managed to sell 2.7 million units worldwide.  During its first month the Switch console reportedly sold over 906,000 units worldwide which seems like a reasonable quantity that the Ataribox could possibly try to surpass following the release of their new game console.


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