The Nintendo Switch receives a system update


The idea that people are now able to find their joy con controllers  much easier is something that would prove to be useful for people who generally lose track of their possessions.  Version 3.00 allows players to track down their Joy Con controller through their vibration feature.   It seems like Nintendo is doing everything they possibly can to make the Switch product more valuable.  One of the coolest things about the Switch is that features like this one makes it stand out from consoles like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.


The Joy Con Controllers is something that is still very expensive in the gaming market since the Switch console is still new. The average price for the Joy Con Controllers is between $70-$80 which means they are not easy to replace.  In fact,  the Joy Cons Controllers are more expensive than the PlayStation 4 controller which is around $60 on average in retail stores.  The fact that the Nintendo Switch has this feature that allows players to locate their Joy Con controllers when they get lost is probably one of the very few things that makes up for the outrageous price of  the product itself.  When it comes down to gaming updates and accessories hopeful Nintendo will be able add features that will make the Switch more appealing to gaming customers in the near future.


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