Will Pokken Tournament DX be a huge success on the Nintendo Switch?

Pokken Tournament.jpg

In terms of sales it will be interesting to see how Pokken Tournament DX does considering the fact that the Wii U version of the game did pretty well.  Since its release in 2016 Pokken Tournament had sold over 1.3 million units worldwide for the Nintendo Wii U.  The arcade version of Pokken Tournament was also enjoyable and may have contributed to the popularity of the Wii-U version of the game when it was released in 2015.  One of the coolest things about Pokken Tournament is the fact that its a fighting game featuring Pokemon opposed to an RPG like title where trainers command their Pokemon to attack their opponents.   Pokken Tournament is arguably more exciting then the Pokemon Stadium games of the past which are basically home console versions of the portable games.

Pokken Tournament (1).jpg

While the Pokemon Stadium games of the past were fun to play the series had seemed like it was starting to grow stale after a while.   Considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch is still considered new in the gaming market Pokken Tournament DX can easily shine as one of the top fighting games for that console in 2017.  As of right now Pokken Tournament does not have many games to contend with in the fighting genre if the game is marketed properly at a decent price it could potentially be the best selling fighting title for the Nintendo Switch in 2017.


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