Should Apple make another game console?

Apple wallpaper.jpg

When it comes down to technology Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world.  Since 1980’s Apple has produced the most innovative computer devices that the world has ever seen including the Xerox Alto, IMac, IPad, MacBook along with many other products.  In fact many people are unaware of the fact that Apple had their own game console known as the Apple Pippin which was released back in 1996.

Apple Pippin

 As great as the console looked it suffered in terms of sales due to poor marketing and was eventually discontinued the following year in 1997.  Back in the 90’s Apple had a better shot on breaking in the video game scene then they do today.  In the 90’s Sega Nintendo and Sony had dominated the video game industry.  But ever since Microsoft started entered the gaming industry it seems like the competition between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo has grown over time.  If Apple tried to develop a new gaming console to compete with the likes of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch the company would most likely struggle in the long run.


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