Could 8 bit gaming ever become mainstream again?

Shovel Night (1)

The gaming industry has evolved so much since the 80’s.  We went from having 8 bit graphics to having high definition 3D games with 1080p and 4K resolution.  While some people would argue that the 8 bit classics were more fun because they felt more like video games opposed to real life simulation its hard to fathom the idea of 8 bit gaming becoming mainstream again.  Since the start of the 10’s we have seen various innovations in the gaming world including the establishment of Virtual Reality which looks like its going to be the next big thing in the gaming world.  While games that require Virtual Reality headsets are expensive the cost of modern day  gaming accessories could drive people to purchasing old school games of the 8 & 16 bit era.

Shovel Night (3).png

However, the idea of 8 or 16  bit era becoming mainstream sounds great in theory but the idea of it actually happening seems unlikely as of right now.  There are titles such as Shovel Knight which are fun to play as a game on a PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One but there is not much of a chance that it would overshadow some of the best selling modern titles in the gaming market today such as Destiny, Uncharted 4, Diablo III, Fallout 4 and others.   If  some people want to enjoy the 8 bit classics from the 80’s then buying the NES Mini or even purchasing the console itself at a used game store would best.


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