Would Virtual Reality be perfect for Metal Gear Solid?

The idea of having a Metal Gear Solid game with Virtual Reality gameplay is something that many people who are fans of the series have been hope for since last year.  The latest Metal Gear Solid game for the PlayStation 4 “Phantom Pain” would be great to have for Virtual Reality mainly because it’s a stealth genre game.  Also, playing in a 3D open world environment with Snake is something that many people have dreamed about for years.

With Virtual Reality players will be able to journey in places such as Kabul Province and the Angola-Zaire border which would make for a really great gaming experience for those who are involved.  The realism that the Fox Engine provides for Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain along with the features dealing with base building system that allows players to use the smart phones for development were both very impressive.  Adding Virtual Reality features to Metal Gear Solid V will make players feel like they are in a actual arcade center.


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