Should Sony change the design of their control pads for the PS5?


While many people have been talking about the release of the PlayStation Neo which is expected later in the 2017 there has also been talk about the possible release of the PlayStation 5 in 2018.  Since Sony plans on releasing the PlayStation Neo later in 2017 it seems unlikely that the PS5 will be released anytime soon.  However, when Sony does decide to release the PlayStation 5 some of us wonder whether or not they should do something new with their control pads.     When it comes down to Sony’s control pads for PlayStation consoles the design has remained similar since the inception of the original Sony PlayStation.    The four buttons on the front consisting of a square, triangle, circle and an X along with the L and R buttons on the top is arguably one of the best designs for a control pad that the gaming industry as seen.


Since the original Sony PlayStation was released back in the mid 90’s the design for the control pads has remained similar for succeeding consoles such as PlayStation 2, 3 and 4.  However, since the original Sony PlayStation was controller was designed we have seen various improvements made to the brand’s control pad over time including the addition of dual shock features, thumb joysticks along with wireless capabilities which started on the PlayStation 3 back in the mid 00’s.   For over the past twenty years Sony has used similar designs for the PlayStation control pads and since then many people have gotten use to its design.  Sony has always found ways to make improvements on their controllers while keeping the design similar unlike Nintendo since they seemingly change the design of their control pad with every new game console they release.  When Sony does release the PlayStation 5 they should definitely continue on the path they are on  when it comes down to designing control pads. However, it going to be hard to see how Sony is going to top their most recent control design for the PlayStation 4.


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