Should Comix Zone have received a sequel?


When it comes down to 2D side scrolling beat em up games Comix Zone is probably one of the most underrated games ever for the Sega Genesis.  The concept of the game along with the level design was so unique and the replay value of this game was pretty decent for those who enjoyed playing it back in the 90’s.  When it comes down to 2D side scrolling platform games the Super Nintendo did not have anything like this.  The storyline for Comix Zone was unlike anything we would see today as far as creativity is concerned.  The idea of a starving artist having his creations come to life and trying to destroy him while bringing him inside of his own comic book is something that seems kinda scary but interesting at the same time.  The main protagonist Sketch Turner had to do everything in his power to stop the main villain Mortus and other alien invaders from coming to live to try and conquer the real world.

Comix Zone.png

One of the cool things about Comix Zone includes the fact that the game has two different endings depending on how one completes the game.  One ending has it where Mortus is defeated and Alissa Cyan is recused before coming to life while the other sees it where she dies and his comic is destroyed.  For a game that received a KA rating Comix Zone was a great game as far as creativity is concerned.   Some people would argue that this 16 bit classic should have received some type of sequel following its release back in 1995.   However, around the mid 90’s Sega had ceased making new games for the Genesis started focusing on the Sega Saturn.  It would have been cool to see 3D version of Comix Zone for Sega Saturn or even Dreamcast but it probably would not have been the same as the 16 bit classic featured on the Genesis system.


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