Which Super Mario game was the hardest during the 90’s?

When it comes down to Super Mario games from both the 8 bit and 16 bit era its hard to determine sometimes such games were the best and the most difficult.  In terms of which Super Mario games was the best from the 90’s many people would probably go with Super Mario World for the SNES since it managed to sell over 20 million units worldwide since its release back in 1990.

Just because Super Mario World was one of the best selling games of the 90’s it does not mean it was the hardest.  Many people have various opinions on which 2D Mario games were the most difficult.  When it comes down to Mario games that make you want to slam your controller the titles that come to mind would probably Super Mario Bros Lost Levels or even Super Mario Bros 3.  

Super Mario 64 can also be one of the many Games in the series that would be considered hard to beat since players were required to complete certain levels multiple times in order to progress throughout the game.  Despite, how tough Super Mario 64 seemed more people had fun with the game opposed to being upset about the fact that they could not complete it.  Some people would agree that Super Mario Bros 3 was no as difficult as it seemed because players had the option of using the warp whistle.  In Super Mario Bros Lost Levels players had to make to certain stages in order to access warp pipes in order to appear in different worlds.  Despite, how difficult each game was they were still fun to play and have high replay values to this day


One thought on “Which Super Mario game was the hardest during the 90’s?

  1. I honestly find 64 the hardest, and that is purely down to the awful camera. I can’t do simple platforming as the camera moves and sends me off the edge.

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