Is $399 a good price for the PlayStation Neo?

As many of us know the PlayStation Neo is supposed to be released in the fall of 2017.  Many people are excited to see what Sony has to offer in terms of gaming features for the PS Neo.  We know for a fact that we will be seeing 4K resolution on the PlayStation Neo and that the console will be more power than the PlayStation Pro.  When it comes down to the pricing of the PlayStation Neo it can turn out become a debatable topic in gaming forums.

As of right now the rumored price for the PlayStation Neo is $399.99.  When the PlayStation 4 Pro was first released back in October 2016 it started of at $399.99 as well.  While some people may find the potential cost of the PlayStation Neo to be too expensive others realize that it could be worth more.  Also, despite having the best selling entertainment systems in the gaming market right now Sony has decided not to over-estimate themselves through high pricing of their consoles.  Sony had made that mistake back in the mid 00’s with the release of the PlayStation 3  which averaged around $499 when it was first released.  As of right now things are looking great for Sony and many people are anxious to see the release of the PlayStation Neo hopefully before the end of 2017.


One thought on “Is $399 a good price for the PlayStation Neo?

  1. As somebody that still hasn’t upgraded to current gen I’m considering this. Especially when a crappy Switch is £299, £399 for a console with a tonne of games doesn’t sound too bad to me.

    If I already had one I wouldn’t be bothered though

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