Could World of Warcraft have worked on gaming consoles?

World of Warcraft.jpg

When it comes down to whether or not MMORPG titles from the 00’s could work on game consoles are not most people are likely to say no.  When it comes down to MMORPG games they generally best suited to be played on PC’s.    When the World of Warcraft was first released worldwide by Blizzard Entertainment back in late 2004 online gaming was slowly starting to become popular around that time period.  However. during the early 00’s the only main gaming network that existed for online multiplayer gameplay was Xbox Live which was released between 2001-2002.  During the early 00’s Xbox Live was not as highly developed as it currently is in terms of being an online gaming network.  Also, the PlayStation Network was not released until 2006 which was years after World of Warcraft first appeared.

World of Warcraft Online Games.jpg

Along with the PlayStation Network the Virtual Console was also released during the mid 00’s as well.  Seeing World of Warcraft on Virtual Console would probably have been more unlikely than seeing on the PlayStation Network or the Xbox Live.  Generally, when it comes down to video games on PlayStation or Xbox consoles RPG titles are favored more than MMORPG’s.   While we have seen some great MMORPG titles for PlayStation and Xbox game consoles such as Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online,  DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online and others the World of Warcraft series may not have achieved the same level of success that it has if it started off on a game console.


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