Should Super Mario games have branching storylines?

Super Mario Galaxy (2)

The Super Mario series has been around for a very long time and we have many thins over the past couple of decades that made people come back for more as far as game titles are concerned.  We have seen Super Mario RPG, racing, sports, party games and more.  While the Mario platform games seem to gain the most attention many people have wondered whether or not future games should include branching storylines.  Throughout, a majority of the series history Super Mario has generally been linear in terms of plots and storylines.  Most Mario games have been very straightforward with Mario having to either recuse Princess Peach or saving the Mushroom Kingdom from the likes of Bowser.  The idea of having Mario games were the plot actually changes based on the decisions players make in the game would be very interesting while turning the heads of both retro and modern day players who are familiar with the series.

Super Mario Odyssey (2).jpg

Even though, the idea of having branching storylines are features that are commonly seen in RPG games having a major platform title like Super Mario Odyssey with a non linear storyline is definitely something that people would pay $59.99 to play for the Nintendo Switch. The idea of having branching storylines  in future titles in the Super Mario series is one that seems profitable in theory since there is a fair chance that fans will get behind it.  However, there is always a chance that if Nintendo tries to fix something that’s not broken then it will ultimately detract from the quality of the game in the long run.




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