Will first person shooter become the dominate genre for virtual reality?


Halo 5 (2)

When it comes down to the gaming industry its without a doubt that first person shooter games are highly desirable in the market in comparison to other genres of gaming.  In terms of popularity role playing games are probably the only thing that rivals first person shooter titles.  Since the gaming world is slowly shifting into virtual reality right now many people are wondering which genre is going to be the most popular one as we progress throughout the 10’s.  Playing first person shooter games such as Halo, Call of Duty, Mass Effect and others would be an awesome gaming experience.  As cool as having first person shooter titles for virtual reality would be some people would argue that the concept itself would be dangerous.  Even though players don’t get hurt during gameplay the idea of being shot while wearing a virtual reality headset is one that is kinda scary.



Despite, being somewhat frighting to have a first person shooter game with virtual reality features the gameplay would be awesome.   Imagine how exciting the online multiplayer mode would be were players around the world can play together on the same game.  The idea of having a massive multiplayer online feature would be something revolutionary in the gaming world.  As popular as the first person shooter genre is right now virtual reality can definitely take things to the next level.


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