Do older Sonic games have higher replay values?

Sonic CD

When it comes down to Sonic the Hedgehog games many people generally think about the older 16 bit titles from the 90’s opposed to some of the recent games that have been released for consoles such as the Wii-U.  When a Sonic the Hedgehog was featured on the Sega Genesis or the Sega CD it was considered a memorable classic because when it came down to gameplay, level design and soundtracks Sega was on point back in the 16 bit era.  Since the Sonic series became 3D it started off pretty good with Sonic Advance 1 &2 but since then some people would argue that the series had slowly started to go downhill.  While we still had some pretty cool 3D titles such as the Sonic Advance series and Sonic Colors the older 16/32 bit Sonic games are generally regarded as the best when it comes down video game titles developed by Sega for over the past two decades.

Sonic CD (2).jpg

When it come down to video games that are considered to be among the most popular platform games of all time Sonic the Hedgehog I-III are among few games that instantly comes to mind.   While the 3D Sonic titles such as “Generations” for the Xbox 360 were fun titles to play many people are happy to see the Sonic series return to its 2D roots later in 2017.    Sonic Mania is very similar to the 2D classics that were featured on the Sega Genesis back in the early 90’s.  Also,  there has been a greater desire among Sonic the Hedgehog fans for 2D games to make a return because they seemingly have a higher replay value than 3D titles.





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