Should Pokemon games include Virtual Reality?

The idea of having a Pokémon game for Virtual Reality is something that many fans of the series have probably been dreaming about since the late 90’s and early 00’s.  The idea of playing Pokémon Stadium or any of the handled titles such as Pokémon Black and White would be awesome.  If Virtual Reality was included in Pokemon games it could set up where players become players he trainers while they watch their Pokémon battle.  Similar to the older games players could capture Pokémon, earn badges along with battling other gym leaders and Team Rockets as they progress throughout the game.

The biggest feature of having a Pokémon game with Virtual Reality would be the inclusion of a multiplayer battle mode.   Similar to how players linked up their Game Boy consoles in the past to play against each other having them battle against one another through Virtual Reality would make for an amazing gaming experience.  Also, there was a Pokémon game that included Virtual Reality the idea of having an online multiplayer mode for battles would prove to be very appealing and marketable  as well.  If Game Freak can find a way to include Virtual Reality gameplay into Pokémon titles it would be a groundbreaking addition to the series.


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