Should there be more RPG’s like Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories?

Kingdom-Hearts Chain of Memories

The Kingdom Hearts series is probably has some of the most well known RPG games to have ever come out of the 00’s.  When it comes down to 32 Bit RPG titles Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was probably the most innovative game that one could have played period.  The battle system for Chain of Memories was very unique since it was a turn based RPG card game .  The fact that the Jupiter Corporation and Square Enix was able develop such a hand like Chain of Memories is impressive by itself.

Kingdom_Hearts_-_Chain_of_Memories (2).png

The 32 bit graphics and the compelling storyline in this game featuring the likes of Cloud Strife, Aladdin, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse would have been awesome to on a home console.  If Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories was released back in the 90’s  it would have been cool to see the game on Sega Saturn or the original Sony PlayStation.   The concept of Chain of Memories was one that was very innovative and is something that more RPG’s should utilize in regards to handheld video games.


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