Does the Super Bomberman series deserve more credit than it has?

Super Bomberman

The Bomberman series has been around since the 80’s when it first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1983.  The Bomerman series had featured arcade styled maze games that included a variety of exciting levels to choose from while evading enemies and destroying rocks with the use of bombs.  The Bomberman series has not only come a very long way since the 80’s but its highly recognizable despite the maze genre not being too popular in the gaming industry.   The Bomberman series was one of the first games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that allowed up to four players on a single game on that particular console.  If player had a multi-tap for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System than multiplayer gameplay would be experienced at its finest.

Super Bomberman (2).jpg

In terms of sales the Bomberman series did pretty decent in the early 90’s considering the fact that they consisted of maze games.  During a time period where platform, fighting beat em up and RPG games were popular the Bomberman series had stood out as an excellent maze game that people would purchase for a home console such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the Nintendo 64.  The Bomberman series looks like something that could have possibly worked in arcade centers if some of the games did not have so many levels.  The fact that the Bomberman series is still running today is an example of how well it has done in the maze genre since the 1980’s.


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