Shante: Half Genie Hero comes to the Nintendo Switch


When it comes down to modern day platform games Shante: The Half Hero Genie is one that really brings back that old school feeling for gamers that who grew up in the 90’s.   When this game first came out for multiple game consoles including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U in late 2016 the game had looked very exciting.   Shante looks like a game that would better suited for the Nintendo 3DS opposed to the PlayStation Vita with its cartoon-ish  2D graphics.  The idea of having Shante: The Half Hero Genie for the Nintendo Switch is mostly likely to be a good thing for Wayfoward Technologies considering the fact that the console just came out in March 2017.

Shante (4).jpg

Since there are only a few big games on the Nintendo Switch this would be the opportunity for Shante: Half Hero Genie to shine.  On consoles like PlayStation for and Xbox One its difficult to make such a big impact due to amount of games for each system.  Also, the most popular genres for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 includes RPG”s and third person shooter titles which things difficult for games like Shante: Half Hero Genie.  Also, the platform genre is not as popular as it once was during the late 80’s and the 90’s.  But since Shante: Half Hero Genie is one of the few modern day 2D platformers on the Nintendo Switch it will be interesting to see how well it does in terms of sales.


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