Should World Tour Mode return to the Street Fighter series?

Street Fighter V (3)

As many of us know World Tour Mode was something that was included in Street Fighter Alpha 3 following its release for the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast in the late 90’s.  In terms of offline single player gameplay World Tour mode was probably one of the most innovative features that Capcom has ever included in a Street Fighter game.   The concept of having to fight different opponents around the world while defeating them under special conditions was something that contributed to the overall replay value of Street Fighter Alpha 3.  In fact, players were lucky if they even completed World Tour mode since it was tougher than it looked.

Street Fighter V Map.jpg

In addition to the online multiplayer battle modes where players can fight other people online the World Tour mode would make an excellent addition to single player modes that are normally featured in Street Fighter titles.   Generally, when it comes down to Street Fighter titles players have limited options in terms offline game mode which  was a trend that might have possibly started following the release of SFIV.   The Street Fighter Alpha 3 game had so many offline gameplay options that players would definitely think twice before selling their game.  With game modes like World Tour and Dramatic Battle the Street Fighter Alpha series was one that was unforgettable.  The idea having having game modes like World Tour and Dramatic Battle along with an action pack story/arcade mode and multiplayer online gameplay is something that many fans of series have been craving for and hopefully it will be something Capcom might consider doing in the future.


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