Did the CP System II have the best fighting games?

Marvel vs Street Fighter.jpg

When its comes down to fighting titles in the gaming industry one of the best time periods to be a fan of the genre was the 90’s.  The CP System II had included some of the most innovative fighting that the world has seen including Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, DarkStalkers: Night Warriors, X-Men: Children if the Atom and more.

x men vs street fighter

When it comes down to crossover fighting titles X-Men vs. Street Fighter was a game thar some people feel does not get as much credit as it deserves.  In fact, the Marvel vs Capcom series actually started with this game back in the mid 90’s following its arcade release worldwide.   There were many things about X-Men vs Street Fighter that were impressive such as the character sprites, stage designs, Super moves along with the soundtrack which made this game memorable arcade classic.

One of the most memorable 2D crossover games for the CP System II was Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Heroes which was originally released in arcade centers back in 1998.  Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Heroes was one of the few games that many people bought the Sega Dreamcast for since it was closer to the arcade version than the PlayStation version. 


Along with the Marvel vs Capcom series we also got the Street Fighter Alpha series which were probably some of the best games in the series that Capcom had developed back in the 90’s.    Despite, how great CP System II was in terms of visual presentation it would have been a while before it started to get old.  Besides the mid to late 90’s was a transitional period in the gaming industry where basic 3D graphics were starting to become favored more going into the 00’s.


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