Would Super Mario work as a virtual reality game?

Super Mario Odyssey

The Super Mario Bros series is considered to be legendary in the video game industry.  In terms of gameplay Nintendo has done almost everything imaginable from simple control pads and joy sticks to the Wii nunchuck and remote.   In terms of 3D gameplay many people have wondered for years now on whether Nintendo is ready to take the Super Mario Bro series to the next level in terms of gameplay.  The concept of virtual reality is something that is started to become more popular in the gaming industry as we progress throughout the 10’s decade.   While virtual reality is very popular for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console many people believe that Nintendo should make their Switch console adaptable with gameplay concerning virtual reality.

Super Mario Odyssey (2).jpg

As of right now there has not been any major announcement regarding Nintendo and the possibility of a virtual reality experience regarding their Switch console.   However, if Nintendo ever decides to include virtual reality for the Switch console we all know Super Mario will be at the very top of the list.  Not only that a majority of Super Mario games are adventurous, fun and straightforward which would appeal to both kids and adults making the marketing aspect of a virtual reality Mario game a guaranteed success.


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