Should Overwatch be available for the Nintendo Switch?


Overwatch is definitely one of the best multiplayer first person shooter title out right now and since its release back in 2016 the game has been nothing short of fantastic when it comes down to visuals and actual gameplay.  When it comes down to actual sales Overwatch has earned so much revenue for Activision Bilzzard that its almost impossible to believe.  It was recently reported not to long ago that Overwatch had earned $1 billion for Activision Bilzzard in less than a year while learning that the game had gained over 30 million registered players.  As we start to get close to the one year anniversary of Overwatch many people have wondered if release for the Nintendo Switch would be possible in the near future.

Overwatch Wallpaper.png

While the idea of possibly having Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch is one that many people would love to see it happens to be one of those proposals that would be difficult to carry out in practice at the time being. As of right now the Nintendo Switch is still considered a brand new console and the for pay online service for that game system is not expected to be released until fall of 2017.   Even though the Nintendo Switch is not as powerful as other game consoles such as PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One there are still many people would probably still purchase the game.

Overwatch wallpaper (2)

In fact, having Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch would only make people want to buy the game more considering that fact that would be one of the few titles that people could choose from.  In terms of competition with other  games for the Switch console Overwatch would probably do pretty well on Nintendo’s newest game system considering that fact that it was largely successful on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.    Since its release for the PlayStation 4 Overwatch has sold over  3 million units worldwide while selling over 1 million units worldwide for the Xbox One.  Since Nintendo has a small quantity of games for its new Switch console this would be the perfect time for Activision to capitalize off making Overwatch a success for the latest Switch console.


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