Would Zombie Ate My Neighbors work as a first person shooter?

Zombie ate my neighboors (2)

Zombie Ate My Neighbors was one of the coolest survival horror shooter games of the early 90’s.  This was especially true if one played Zombie Ate My Neighbors for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  This game allowed both single and co-op gameplay which was great since the game itself was very long and tough for one to complete on their own.  In terms of whether or not Zombie Ate My Neighbors would work as a modern day first person shooter game would be a scenario that many people find interesting.  If Zombie Ate My Neighbors received a 3D remake that would be very interesting but at the same time there would be concern by many fans of the series that changing its style would ruin what made the game appealing in the first place.

Zombie ate my neighbors (3).png

The 2D Sprites and the cartoon-ish violence is what adds to the appeal of Zombie Ate My Neighboors.  The developers for Zombie Ate My Neighboors had found a perfect balance on making a violent game family friendly which was another aspect of this title which many people found appealing.  If LucasArts had found a way to make Zombie Ate My Neighbors a 3D first person shooter title it would probably be similar to games such as the Left For Dead series.   Even though, LucasArts tried to make spin-offs and sequels to Zombie Ate my Neighbors in the 90’s they did not reach the same level of such success as the original survival horror shooter game did following its release in 1993.  If LucasArts had decided to revive the series in 3D the 00’s would have been a decent time period to do so considering the fact that the first and third person genre was starting to rise in popularity.  However, Zombie Ate My Neighbors seemed like it was never intended to become a series in the first place otherwise it probably would have happened.  Besides, turning an excellent 2D shooter game into a 3D title might sound cool in theory but questionable in terms of how things would play out in practice.


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