Will the Nintendo 2DS XL have higher sales than the 3DS?

Nintendo 2DS XL.jpg

When it comes down to producing portable game consoles there is arguably no other company that does it better than Nintendo.  It was about six years ago when the Nintendo 3DS XL was released in gaming markets worldwide.  Since its release the Nintendo 3DS XL had managed to sell over 66 million units worldwide at a starting price of $199.   What was even more impressive about the Nintendo 3DS was that the console had sold over two million units worldwide in less than year.  With the amount of success that the Nintendo 3DS had within its first year it makes many people wonder how the New Nintendo 2DS XL will do in terms of first year sales following its release this summer in July 2017.

One of the coolest things about the Nintendo 2DS XL is that people will be able to play older games that were featured on handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS in 2D.  Unlike the Nintendo 3DS the price New Nintendo 2DS XL will be far less expensive starting at $149.99 opposed to $249.99.    Even though, the New Nintendo 2DS console is slightly more expensive than the older one which was initially released at $129.99 the game system itself looks very promising.   Along with the release of the Nintendo Switch back in March of 2017 the entire year looks like its shaping up to be very positive as far as business is concerned for Nintendo.


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