Should Grand Theft Auto V be released for the Nintendo Switch?

Grand Theft Auto 5

The idea of having Grand Theft Auto V on the Nintendo Switch is something that has been going around in online gaming forums for the past few months.  While Grand Theft Auto V has sold over fifteen million units around the world on the PS4 some might argue that there is no need to have it on the Nintendo Switch.   Even though, it would still be pretty cool to see Grand Theft Auto V on the Nintendo Switch one must ask themselves how well the game would do in terms of sales.  When Grant Theft Auto V was released for the Xbox One its sales had paled in comparison to that of the PlayStation 4 by reaching over 6 million units worldwide.    If Grand Theft Auto V was ever released for the Nintendo Switch it would be interesting to see how the game does in terms of sales considering the fact that it came out over three years ago.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Wallpapers  Sizzlingwallpapers - Part 2.png

Besides, despite how much people like Grand Theft Auto V there could be some concern about the game being overshadowed on the Nintendo Switch by games such as the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe.  When it comes down to Nintendo games they are generally family friendly as they seek to target children with their products.  In terms of whether or not Grand Theft Auto V will be a big attraction for the Nintendo Switch can be called into question.   But since the Nintendo Switch is a brand new console and only has a few games as of right now then there is a good chance that Grand Theft Auto V would do well in terms of sales.  However, if Grand Theft Auto V is released for the Nintendo Switch it would most likely average around $59.99 as a brand new game while people can pick up used copies of the game for less money.  So if Rockstar has any plans on releasing a GTA title on the Nintendo Switch it would probably be best wait until they develop a sequel to Grand Theft Auto V.


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