Was Rival Schools overshadowed by Street Fighter in the 90’s?

Rival Schools

When it comes down to fighting games of the 90’s the competition between different titles and video game companies was fierce.  We had so many great titles that began in the 90’s including Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, Bloody Roar and many more.   While the Street Fighter series was the best game that Capcom had produced during the 90’s they also released some titles that were considered to be highly underrated such as the Rival Schools: United by Fate.   When Rival Schools was first released in arcade centers in late ’97- early ’98 the game was something that seemed interesting.


Rival Schools (2).jpg

In Rival Schools: United By Fate players had the ability to choose two characters in order to engage in battle with their opponent and their partner.  During battle players have the chance to pull off a variety of  different moves including super combos, double team attacks along with air combos and attack cancels.  Even though, players can not change characters in between battles they could definitely switch in between them up after fights which was a very interesting feature that was included in this game.    Rival Schools: United Fate was actually great for a 3D fighting title especially since it featured Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter Alpha 2 which was released about a year earlier in 1996.


Street Fighter EX plus alpha (2).png

Not only was Sakura Kasuagano featured in Street Fighter Alpha 2 but she was also included in Street Fighter EX Plus which was also released around the same time period as Rival Schools: United By Fate.   When it comes down to gameplay some might argue that Rival Schools was more innovative than Street Fighter EX Plus with the inclusion of two on two battles in a 3D environment.  By the mid 90’s the Street Fighter series was very popular and even though the EX series did not reach the same level of recognition as II or the Alpha series it still received more attention than Rival Schools: United by Fate.    Even though, Rival Schools and the Street Fighter series were games that were developed by the same company sometimes people wonder what could have been if Capcom placed more emphasis on titles such as RS: United By Fate.


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