Will the Xbox Scorpio pose a threat to the PlayStation 4?


Xbox Scorpio

As of right now we are not to clear about the release date of the Xbox Scorpio but we do know the that Microsoft has made some big promises in regards to its level of performance as a game console.   While we are not to sure about the exact date of the release regarding the Xbox Scorpio we know that the console was rumored to have some fantastic features including a hard drive with 1TB along with a 4K UHD Blu-Ray optical drive.  In terms of pricing many people are expecting the range average between $399-$499 which is almost expensive has the PlayStation 3 which was released back in 2006.  Speaking, of the PlayStation many people have been speculating on whether or not the Xbox Scorpio will pose a threat to the PlayStation 4 in the foreseeable future.   In terms of quality there have been reports that the Xbox Scorpio runs at least 30% than the original Xbox One along with having a more powerful graphics processing unit than its predecessor.


While the Xbox Scorpio is expected to come out sometime during 2017-2018 we also know that Sony is suppose to be releasing the PlayStation Neo sometime in the near future as well.  When it comes down to the PlayStation Neo many people are impressed by the features mentioned on that console as well.  The inclusion of high frame rates, 4K video support along with the provision of 1080p visual display sounds like something that would turn heads if the PlayStation 4 Pro has not done so already.   When it comes down to sales the PlayStation 4 has reportedly sold over 53 million units worldwide.  As of right now the PlayStation 4 seen as the dominate console in the gaming market but based on the reports about Microsoft’s latest game system the Xbox Scorpio can prove to be somewhat of a game changer.


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