When did the Double Dragon series start to go downhill?

Double Dragon Super

The Double Dragon series had included some most popular beat em up titles of the 80’s for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Some could argue that the Double Dragon series was one among many other top games that made the beat em up genre popular during the late 80’s and early 90’s including Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Battletoads and more.  When it came down to the Nintendo Entertainment System the Double Dragon series was on fire and were also very fun to play in  arcade centers.   If you ask some people to pinpoint a time period where the Double Dragon series started to go downhill they would probably suggest that it started right after 1992.

It was back in ’92 when Super Double Dragon was released and while the game was not as critically acclaimed as the NES titles it was still a very fun to play.  The highly detailed graphics and sprites along with improved game mechanics really drew people into Super Double Dragon.  After Technos Japan released Super Double Dragon for the SNES we got Double Dragon V: The Shadows Falls along with another title for the Neo-Geo which were not as popular as the NES & arcade titles of the 80’s.  For whatever reason the world never got to see a Double Dragon game for the PS1 or the Nintendo 64 which was probably something many people were looking forward to.


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