Does the New Nintendo 3DS have any competition?


When it comes down to handheld game consoles Nintendo has produced some of the best game systems that the world has seen since the 90’s.  The world has witnessed the inception of the Game Boy system back in 1989 and recently got to see the release of the New Nintendo 3DS XL.   In terms of handheld gaming some would probably argue that Sony is the only competition Nintendo has.  While the New Nintendo 3DS is very popular it has to compete with the PlayStation Vita which a released back in 2011.  When it comes down to handheld game consoles some people would probably factor in the rise of mobile gaming on IPad devices made by Apple.  While IPads are not specifically designed to be game consoles people can play many great games various mobile devices created by Apple using the iOS operating system.

Some people might find it surprising that Microsoft has never developed a handheld gaming device to compete with both Sony and Nintendo during the 00’s or the first half of the 10’s.  However, when it comes down to making handheld game consoles Nintendo has been doing it for almost three decades now.  If Microsoft had decided to start making handheld game consoles in the early 00’s Nintendo would still have the edge in developing consoles by a decade.  When Sony had decided to release the PSP in 2004-2005 they were already on top of the video game industry due to the success of the PlayStation 2 game console.  Even though,the PlayStation Vita is not talked about quite as much as the Nintendo 3DS handheld console does not necessarily mean that it provides no competition at all.   Besides the console wars for handheld game systems was never as fierce as the ones regards home consoles from the 90’s 00’s and the 10’s.


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