Could Super Mario Bros have worked in arcade centers?

Super Mario Bros (3).png

The Super Mario Bros series has been legendary in the platform genre of gaming since the 80’s.  When the first three Super Mario games for the Nintendo Entertainment System they were very fun to play.  Players often had a choice to select Mario or Luigi journey throughout many different levels along while traveling throughout various worlds in the game.  When players first began on World 1-1 of any Mario game they generally start off with multiple lives with the ability to gain more throughout each stage.  As great as the Super Mario Bros series was for the NES and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System some people probably wondered why the series was never released in arcade centers before brought to home consoles.  To be honest the platform genre was not common for arcade systems back in the day.  But looking back on things now having platform classics like the Super Mario Bros could have possibly worked on arcade systems during the mid to late 80’s and the early 90’s.

Super Mario Bros (2)

If Nintendo had decided to make Super Mario Bros on arcade system they could have possibly made it so that each coin or quarter that a player entered into the machine represent a life.  After players lose all of their lives they would be required to add more quarters to the machine before time runs out.    While having a coin operated platform title like Super Mario Bros in arcade centers would sound like a great idea it would probably create some problems as well.   If one player decides to enter too many coins into the machine then he or she will be taking up too much time while everyone else is waithing.  Also, since Super Mario Bros 1-3 are multiplayer games Nintendo could have made it where a co-op mode was available similar to how the New Super Mario Bros Wii game was back in 2009.  If Nintendo had decided to utilize either concept for making an arcade title for Super Mario Bros the first three games could have been more successful than they were.


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