What caused the rail shooter genre to decline?


We have seen many game genres come and go  in terms of popularity since the 80’s.  One of the more popular genres of the late 80’s and early 90’s that we do not hear too much about anymore is the rail shooting genre.  Even though, the rail shooting genre is not completely extinct its nowhere near as popular as it was over twenty years ago.  If there was a period in time where one had to choose concerning where the genre started to decline when would it be?  Even though, everyone has a different opinion on the matter most would probably agree that rail shooting genre started to go down hill right after the mid 90’s.  the late 80’s and early 90’s ;we had so many big games such as Star Fox, Space Harrier and the Thunder Force series.  Since the late 80’s- early 90’s the rail shooting genre never seemed to reach the same level of popularity as the gaming world started placing more emphasis on 3D gameplay.

Starfox 64.jpg

When it comes down to 3D rail shooting titles Star Fox 64 is among many that managed to do well in terms of  3D gameplay.  Despite, its reduction in popularity the rail shooting genre was still somewhat relevant during the 00’s with the release of titles such as Star Wars Rogue Squadron and  Ikaruga  for the Nintendo Gamecube.    While there has been no actual reason for the decline of rail shooter games one would have to suggest that had a lot to do with society changing.  More people in America started getting into first and third person shooter games shortly after the fighting genre slowly started to decline following the 90’s and early 00’s.    While rail shooting games were always so much fun to play at home as well as in arcade centers they seemed very unrealistic to many people.  Today people seem to prefer the elements of realism, stealth, cinematic cutscenes along with excellent storytelling in games today.   This is might be one of the reasons why the RPG genre is so popular today next to the first & third person shooter games of today.


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