Does Street Fighter III: Third Strike deserve more credit than it got?


When we think about the Street Fighter series of the 90’s SF II or the Alpha series normally comes to mind.  After all Street Fighter II has been remade so many times since its inception during the 90’s to a point where its almost impossible for any gamer to not know about the game.  The Alpha series was also very popular in arcade centers throughout the world and has produced some of the most enjoyable fighting titles of the 90’s.   When it comes down to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike the game is not mentioned near as much as the Street Fighter II or VI series.    In terms of gameplay Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike was significantly different in many good ways.

Street Figter III 3rd Strike

The level of creativity that was involved in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact & Third Strike was mind blowing to a point where people questioned whether or not it was developed by Capcom.  Looking at Street Fighter II along with the Alpha series compared to Street Fighter III many people had noticed many significant changes in terms of detailed graphics, new characters along with a new storyline and boss.  Despite, how much fun Street Fighter III was the boss battle against Gill was incredibly difficult at home and in arcade centers around the world.  Having a very difficult boss at towards the end of the may have sucked some of the fun out of Street Fighter III.  But almost everything else about 3rd Strike seemed like improvements in comparison to its predecessors.   The arcade mode gave players the options on who they wanted to fight after every battle.  Also, the addition bonus stages such as destroying cars or parrying basketballs against Sean were fun as well.


The soundtrack for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike was also one of the many things that stood out the most about the game.  Street Fighter: 3rd Strike was one of the few games where people got to witness the raw creativity of Capcom in terms of BGM’s.    When it comes down to the Street Fighter series some would probably argue that 3rd Strike was better than II despite not being as popular commercially or selling as much worldwide.   In terms of creativity Street Fighter III was arguably the best in the series along an underrated arcade classic from the 90’s.


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