What caused the decline of traditional heroic action RPG’s?


Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s traditional heroic action RPG’s were very popular.  Even though they may not have been as popular as head to head fighting or beat em up titles games like The Legend of Zelda and LandStalkers were popular.  While the Legend of Zelda series is still very popular there are many great and also forgoten action RPG titles such as LandStalkers, Alundra and Light Crusader.   While the action RPG genre is something that we still see in several games today they feel very different than those of the early 90’s.  One of the reasons why the Legend of Zelda series is still popular includes the fact that it was one of first video game series to make the knight and shining armor protagonist concept popular.


Despite, how one dimensional action RPG were with traditional and virtuous protagonists were during the late 80’s and early 90’s characters such as Link and Nigel from LandStalkers seemed one dimensional.  That is not to say that they were not interesting characters but as the 90’s progressed people started to become more attracted to edgey, gritter and more realistic  video games.  Since the start of the 00’s we began to see the rise of games such as Grand Theft Auto series along with many other first and third person shooter games during the 00’s.    While action RPG titles are not exactly what they use to be some people are nostalgic about the older 2D titles with such as LandStalker or The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past because they were truly enjoyable titles during a remarkable era of gaming.


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