Was Killer Instinct overshadowed during the 90’s?

Killer instinct (1)

When it comes down to fighting titles of the 90’s there were so many great classics such as the Street Fighter II & Alpha series, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Caliber Marvel vs Capcom and others.  The 90’s was definitely one of the best time periods to be a fan of the fighting genre of gaming.  But when we think about fighting titles there were also so many cool arcade classics that do not get mentioned as much such as the Killer Instinct series.  The first two Killer Instinct games were fast paced and visually impressive with the inclusion of 2.5 dimension graphics.  Based on how both Killer Instinct games looked and played on the Arcade, Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 the series should have became more popular than it actually did.


However, when it came down to the fighting genre the competition started to become fierce especially when 3D titles were being developed during the mid to late 90’s.  For the most part the gameplay for the Killer Instinct series was 2D while the graphics seemed 3 dimensional.  If Rare had developed a fully 3D Killer Instinct game during the 90’s it could have possibly helped the series grow in popularity.  Then again, since games such as Tekken, Soul Calibur and Bloody Roar were starting to master the development of 3D design and gameplay it could have easily harmed the  Killer Instinct series as well.  If the series had spawned more games during the early to mid 00’s when Capcom took a hiatus with Street Fighter games Killer Instinct would only had to compete with games such as Tekken 4 & 5, Soul Calibur III and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance.  Despite, not being quite as popular as many other fighting titles of the 90’s Killer Instinct was still impressive overall.  Also, the Killer Instinct series managed to make a decent comeback in 2013 which rekindled strong feelings of nostalgia among retro gamers.


One thought on “Was Killer Instinct overshadowed during the 90’s?

  1. I only really played the SNES version of KI and the arcade version, the home port was terrible. It was like a powerpoint presentation at times, and lacked too much oomph.

    I think they were too far behind the competition to begin with. Though KI did have tonnes of depth and if you were good at fighters the combos and combo breakers were insane.

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