Retro Games- Metal Gear Solid: (1998)

Metal Gear Solid Ps1-screen

When it comes down to the stealth genre of gaming one of the best titles in video gam history was Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation 1.  When this game was first released back in the late 90’s it was considered to be one of the most popular game titles of for the PS1 during that decade.  It was pretty cool to see a 2D title that was popular on Nintendo console become one a stealth based 3D game for the PS1.  The creators did a great job with the development various in game mechanics such as evasion, alert and infiltration mode as player control the main character Solid Snake.

metal gear solid Ps1.png

Even though, the 3D design for this game looked very basic in comparison today’s gaming many people were impressed by stages and challenges that Metal Gear Sold had provided.  One of the many cool thing about this game other than the gameplay included the fact that the plot had followed the Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake title which was released in 1990.   In this game players must defeat Liquid Snake as Solid Snake who has possession of very dangerous weapon known as Metal Gear REX.  Even though, this Metal Gear Solid game had some what of a futuristic vibe to it this the plot for this game was actually set to take place during the mid 00’s which was always somewhat interesting.  Especially, considering the fact the idea of some type of nuclear weapon was threatened to be used against the U.S. Government  by FOXHOUND in this game.  Since its release Metal Gear Sold had sold over 6 million units worldwide for the Sony PlayStation.  The game was appealing in so many ways when it first came out and is often regarded as the title that put the stealth genre on the map in the world of gaming.



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