Would Gran Turismo be popular on any other game console?


Without a doubt the Gran Turismo arguably has the best racing series in the history of the gaming industry.  Ever since the Gran Turismo series started in the late 90’s for the Sony PlayStation it has been recognized by many gamers around the world for its amazing in game mechanics and replay high replay value as the series progressed.  As popular as the Gran Turismo series is for various PlayStation console it raises the question on whether or not it would have been popular for any other game systems.  Even though, Polphony Digital is exclusively apart of Sony Interactive Entertainment if an other video game developer came up with the idea of Gran Tursimo its questionable whether or not the game would have reached its level of popularity.  Polphony Digital specializes in the development of racing games since they have developed every  Gran Tursimo game that has been released since the 90’s up until now.GT6.jpg

The reason why the Gran Turismo series reached its currently level of popularity is because it was developed by Polphony Digital and no other entity.  So the answer to the question on whether Gran Turismo would work on any other game consoles outside of PlayStation is kinda tricky to answer.  In terms of quality there are not do many racing games that are as good as the Gran Tursimo series.  But if we look games like Project Gotham,  Grid and the Forza Horizon series they are also really good racing titles that can be seen on the Xbox 360.  Other video game developers including Bizarre Creations, Playground Games and Codemasters are more than capable to creating high quality racing titles for consoles like the Xbox 360.  If a majority Gran Turismo games were featured on the Xbox consoles from the mid 00’s to the present their sales would suffer to some extent due to the competition provided by other racing titles that are exclusive Microsoft’s game systems.


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