Should Ash Ketchum have been featured in older Pokemon games?

Pokemon Ash (2)

When we think about the older Pokemon games for Game Boy such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold there are many things that comes to mind including how cool it was.  The older handheld Pokemon titles included many elements in the game that you would see on the show including battles, different cities, gym leaders, badges along with actual Pokemon.  While all of those things are pretty exciting one can’t help but notice that the main character of the show was never featured in any of those games between the late 90’s or the early 00’s.  Instead of having Ash Ketchum as the main character players had the change to create their own custom trainer in order to have an adventure similar to that of Ash.  Some people would  argue that it was a bit awkward not having Ash Ketchum in the game despite being the main character in the television series.  Others would say that it was one of the best decisions that Game Freak has made prior to developing most of the older Pokemon games.

Pokemon Ash.jpg

The ability to create you own custom character made the gaming experience that much better because it was different from the show.  Many people have polarizing opinions about Ash Ketchum as the main protagonist of the Pokemon series. It would be save to say that his inclusion in any of the older games may not have made a significant difference in regards to how well each title did in terms of worldwide sales following their respective releases.  In fact, some could make the argument that having Ash Ketchum as the main protagonist in the video game series could have possibly of been detrimental to the series.  If the Pokemon games resembled the television series too much it would probably have lost its appeal over time.   Not having Ash Ketchum as the main character in any of the handheld Pokemon games was not a big deal because the they were still successful in terms of worldwide sales regardless.





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