Are Multiplayer Platform Titles Highly Underrated?

Super Mario 3D World (2)

When it comes down to multiplayer platform games they are always so much fun to play especially on Nintendo consoles.  Some of the coolest multiplayer platform titles are the ones that allow up to four players as they progress throughout the game with multiple lives and while fighting various bosses.  When it comes down to the Nintendo Wii & the Wii-U  we got some pretty cool multiplayer platform games for those consoles including Super Mario 3D World and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland.  Both titles were released during the 10’s and can be considered two of the best multiplayer platforming titles that  one can play for any Wii console.  The idea of having up to four players in 2D or 3D platforming games was something many people did not believe was possible.

Super Mario 3D world

In fact, during the 16 & 64 bit era many of us was so accustomed to only having up to two players in platforming games that  the idea never came to mind to exceed that number of players.  Also the success that platform games like the Super Mario and Kirby series has achieved without three or four player modes is self-explanatory in terms of sales and worldwide popularity.   As far as the platforming genre itself is concerned it not considered to be the most popular one of them all for game consoles such as PlayStation 4  or the Xbox One.    Mainly when it comes down to other game consoles outside of Nintendo the most popular genres are either first person shooters or RPG’s.  The fact that multiplayer platform titles similar to Super Mario 3D World and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland made exclusively for Nintendo would mostly likely prevent such games from selling far more units worldwide than they currently do.


Not only do multiplayer platform titles have interesting stories, excellent gameplay and amazing graphics but the replay values are as well.   Having strong multiplayer offline gameplay on platform titles makes the game itself much more exciting as opposed to being limited to single player mode.  While being an optional feature the main argument that some people would probably have against having up to three or four players on platforms games includes the expenses.  The cost of gaming has significantly increased over the past two decades.

Also, the price for controllers and other accessories for the Wii-U were very high in the early 10’s.  Trying to buy other controllers for friends may or like the game or not is such a huge investment unless they have the accessories themselves.   While platform games are generally designed to be adventurous and challenging once players complete the game there is nothing to do but play through it again.  However, the same thing can be said for RPG’s, action adventure games along with a few other genres.  In terms of whether or not multiplayer platform games are underrated usually depends on what type of gamer you are.  While some might argue that multiplayer platforming games are not as popular as they should be others can make a similar argument about many other gaming genres.


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