Would the first person shooter genre suffer greatly without the internet?


When it comes down to first person shooter games we generally think about titles such as Overwatch,  Destiny, Battlefield, Titanfall,  Call of Duty and many other titles.  One of the main reasons why the first person genre is so popular in modern day gaming is because of the storytelling aspect of each title.  When it comes down to the first person shooter genre the story/campaign mode is generally the main attraction of the game and urges players to buy the product based on various elements such as gameplay, graphics or soundtracks featured on advertisements.  While those elements are vital in convincing customers to buy certain games one of the most appealing qualities that first person shooter games generally have today includes online multiplayer modes.  Without multiplayer gameplay many first person shooter games would not have much of a replay value unless they include countless sidequests or items to gather during their campaign modes.


The advancement of technology along with the world wide web has revolutionized the gaming world in so many ways.  In terms of whether or not the popularity the first person shooter genre is adversely affected by online gameplay would be a tough question to answer.   Some might argue that first person shooter titles might suffer slightly in terms of sales without online gameplay unless they include some great offline game modes.   Others might argue that aside from the story modes in first person shooter games the online multiplayer modes makes  huge contributions to the replay value of many games within that genre.  Even though, some might argue that the lack of online gameplay would adversely affect the popularity of the first person shooter genre the same thing can easily be argued for many other genres including fighting, role playing and sports titles.


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