Should GBA games be released for the Virtual Console?

game boy advance sp

The Game Boy Advance had so many cool games that were released during the early to mid 00’s.   We got to see remakes of many old 16 bit classics such as the The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Secret of Mana and Super Mario World.  Along with having remakes of 16 bit classics we also got so see so many cool new games such as Pokemon Gold & Silver, Metroid Fusion, Legacy of Goku II and many others.  These are games that many people would love to see on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS.   Unfortunately, the Nintendo 3DS was not designed to run Game Boy Advance games which is why getting them on the Virtual Console is a big issue.

Besides, when people go to used game stores such as Game X Change and buy the Game Boy Advance or SP for a decent price under $100.  The games themselves may vary in terms of prices but some of the best games they have shouldn’t cost more than $30.  When it comes down to retro gaming the 32-bit handheld console was probably one of the coolest devices that anyone could have had during the early 00’s.  Even though, its unlikely that we will see GBA titles on the Virtual Console in the future it would still be very interesting to see them run on home consoles such as the Nintendo Switch.


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