Retro Games- Batman Arkham City: (2011)


If one is true fan of Batman then Arkham City is probably one of the best gaming titles that anyone could ever have.  When Batman Arkham City was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment many people highly impressed by how much the game improved in comparison to its 2009 prequel.    One of the many things that stands out about Batman  Arkham City was that the plot for this game was slightly darker than Arkham Asylum.


In this game Batman must help the Joker who is sick with a fatal disease by relying on one of his adversaries Dr. Freeze in order to develop a cure for it. In the process Batman was eventually captured by the Joker who managed to infect him with the blood disease along with the rest of the hospitals in Arkham City.  While seeking for a cure for the fatal disease Batman encounters various DC villains including Hugo Strange, Two Face, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, Dr. Freeze, Penguin and Clayface.  The inclusion of Catwoman in the  game was also something that many people thought cool since she also would eventually become a playable character in the game.

Batman arkham city (2).jpg

Along with the plot the in depth combat system was one of the many features of this game that was very appealing.  The combat system allowed players to pull chain combos while attacking multiple enemies at once.  Also, the inclusion sophisticated gadgetry made the game appear far more realistic than any other Batman game that came before it.  In terms of in game mechanics everything from the fighting to the gliding system seemed was well polished and it provided players with an unforgettable gaming experience.  Even though, the Riddler’s challenges were fun and kept players busy all throughout the game some people would probably argue that it becomes annoying after a while.


Along with the Riddler’s challenges the side quests in this game provided players with extra hours of gameplay which were among the many things that added to the over quality of this game.  The ending to this game is somewhat bittersweet because even though the Joker dies Batman actually intended on saving him despite what he tried to do.   Even though, the game is a few years old in terms of action adventure games Batman Arkham City would be considered instant classic.  The visual design and artwork of this game is amazing and the replay value is high.  The cinematic quality of Batman Arkham City is spectacular and there are seemingly endless things that players can do while they are trying to complete the game.


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