Retro Gaming- Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm: (2008)

Naurto Ultimate Ninja Storm

We all know remember how awesome the Naruto series was when the anime first made its debut back in the early 2000’s.  Not only was the series incredibly popular throughout the decade the games were also great as well.   One of the many games released for the series was entitled Naruto: Ultimate: Ninja Storm which was developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Namco Bandi Games.  When this title was first released in 2008 many people were blown away by the visual presentation of this game.  What was cool about Ultimate Ninja Storm was that the creators decided to utilize cel-shaded graphics for the character designs instead of using 3D models .

The cel-shaded feature for characters was cool because it heavily resembled the actual anime.  Also, the creators took a chance and decided to divert from the traditional realistic 3D look that most games in the 00’s had used.  Even though, the characters were not 3D the stages were which made for excellent gameplay.  The best part about Ultimate Ninja Storm was probably the story mode.  In story mode players get to control Naruto as they wonder throughout the Hidden Leaf Village and take part in various missions time progresses.  The maps used in Ultimate Ninja Storm is reminiscent of some of the Grand Theft Auto games where players have utilized its features to complete specific tasks in order to progress throughout the game.  In story mode  you have the ability take part in various missions and earn money (Ryo) which can be used to buy various things at item shops.

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm takes you throughout many exciting adventures including the Chunin Exams, Team 7’s encounter with Orochimaru, all the way down to Naurto’s  battle with Sasuke after he turns his back of the Hidden Leaf Village.  The fighting in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm includes innovative features to make the game appear more like the show itself such as: Awakening Mode, Ultimate Jutsu, and Ultimate Impact.  This game included at least 25 different characters and hours of excitement that would keep people on the edge of their seats for days.  After its release IGN scored Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm in the 8 point bracket out of ten because it was such a good game.  PlayStation Magazine also gave  Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm a strong four star rating out of five because it was a solid fighting game with a high replay value.   While some people are fans of the earlier Naruto titles such as “Clash of Ninja 2” others would agree that Ultimate Ninja Storm is just as exciting of not better than other games in the series.


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