Classic Gaming- The King of Fighters ’94: (1994)

The King of Fighters 94

Anyone who is a hardcore gamer of the fighting genre is familiar with The King of Fighters series and its popularity throughout the 90’s.  The Kin g of Fighters ’94 was released by the SNK corporation in arcade centers worldwide in 1994 before being released for Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD almost a year later in Japan.  King of Fighters had almost everything one can ask for in a fighting game including awesome graphics, team battles,  fantastic stage design, and great mechanics which provided an unforgettable gaming experience.  The opening sequence to this game is arguably better than the ones provided for various Street Fighter II games and features highly realistic 2D graphics.

The King of Fighters was a unique title because it featured characters from two different fighting franchises including the Art of Fighting & Fatal Fury to develop a spectacular game that would blow our minds.   The concept regarding the team battles in KOF ’94 was interesting because during arcade mode three characters from the same country would team up to take on opponents from another.   In this game there were multiple teams from eight different countries including America, Japan, Italy, England, Mexico, China, Korea, and Brazil that would do battle with each other while contain three characters for each group.   Before each battle players have the option in deciding which order the characters battle and what strategy is the most effective in terms of dealing with their opponents.

The King of Fighters ’94 includes twenty four characters including Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Andy Bogard, Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi and many more.  KOF ’94 also includes a boss character named Rugal who is very tough opponent towards the end despite having a three on one advantage when battling him.  If people were new to the game the arcade version of KOF ’94 had a tutorial that showed you the basics involving the controls.  The tutorial can help players understand the essentials on how to execute special attacks or even super moves.  After its initial release the publishers for  Electronic Gaming Monthly  had thought highly of KOF ’94 while many others view this title as an underrated classic.  Despite not being as popular as the Street Fighter II series it was considered to be one of the best fighting titles of the early 90’s when it was first released.


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