Could Marvel vs Capcom 3 have been popular in arcade centers?

As many people know Marvel vs Capcom 3 was one of the most popular crossover fighting games of the 10’s. Ever since its release Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds has remained exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Unlike, its predecessors Marvel vs Capcom 3 never received an arcade release and was still a huge success in countries such as America and Japan due to the fact that the game was at least a decade in the making. If Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released in arcade centers back in the early 10’s the game could have definitely been somewhat of an attraction.

But ever since online multiplayer gameplay became popular back in the mid to late 00’s it almost seemed like there was no point whatsoever on having an arcade version Marvel vs Capcom 3. The arcade era of gaming ended a long time ago somewhere between the late 90’s and the early 00’s. As popular as Marvel vs Capcom 3 was in the early 10’s an arcade version of the game would not have been as exciting as the online multiplayer experience that people had for the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360.

Should Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle have been ported for PS1?

When it comes down to old school arcade fighting titles from the 90’s that deserved some type of console release during that decade the Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle game from ’93 is one of the many games that instantly comes to mind. The 2D graphics for DBZ2: Super Battle looked so crisp and the fast paced gameplay was something that made it standout from other Dragon Ball Z titles such as Ultimate Battle 22 and Final Bout which were both released for the PS1 between ’95-’97. In fact, Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle sounds like a game that could have worked on the PS1 sometime between the ’94-’95 time period.

There is no question that DBZ2: Super Battle was one of the best Dragon Ball Z fighting titles of the 90’s along with the likes of Hyper Dimension, Butoden 2 and Butoden 3. Dragon Ball Z2: Super Battle could have definitely been a huge attraction on either the PS1 or even the Sega Saturn during ’94-’95 time period especially considering how big the series was starting to become going into ’98 right before the television series became extremely popular on Toonami. As far as 2D arcade fighting titles are concerned some people would consider Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle an underrated gem despite its level of difficulty back in the day.

Could Pokémon Stadium have been a success on the PS1?

When it comes down to top selling games for the Nintendo 64 one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is Pokémon Stadium. For those who do not know Pokémon Stadium was released back in April 1999 and since then the game has managed to sell over 5.4 million units worldwide on the Nintendo 64 within a few years following its release. There is no secret that the Pokémon series was starting to get hot during the late 90’s with the animated television show along with the Red, Blue and Yellow games which appeared on Game Boy between ’96-’98.

Despite, how much popularity the Pokémon series achieved during the late 90’s there are some who would argue that Pokémon Stadium would not have been as popular on the PS1 as it was on the Nintendo 64. As far as third party games were concerned you had so many games like Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Tekken 3 and others along with first party titles like Gran Turismo that could have easily overshadowed Pokémon Stadium if it ever appeared on the PS1. There is no doubt about hat Pokémon Stadium could have definitely been an attraction for the PS1 but it may not have sold nearly as much as it did on the N64.

Could DBZ: Final Bout have been more successful on the Sega Saturn?

As many people know the Dragonball Z series has a long history of video games dating back to the early 90’s. However, one of the first 3D games within the DBZ series was Dragonball GT: Final Bout which was released as a PS1 exclusive back in 1997. Ever since the release of Dragonball GT: Final Bout the game has received mixed to negative and was not to big as far as sales was concerned. There are some who believe that Dragonball GT: Final Bout fell below their expectations in relation to be a fighting title also there were so many big titles for the PS1 in ’97 such Final Fantasy VII which overshadowed games such as this. While the quality of Dragonball GT: Final Bout was better than DBZ: Ultimate Battle which came out in ’95 there are some who believe that the game could have stood out more on the Sega Saturn during the mid 90’s.

Despite, not selling nearly as much as the PS1 the Sega Saturn was in need of major fighting games aside from Marvel vs Street Fighter which was released exclusively in Japan for that console in ’98. However, its doubtful that a Sega Saturn port would have ended up becoming more successful than the PS1 version that we got in ’97. Overall, despite having nice 3D graphics the gameplay was far off from what people were used to seeing when watch DBZ the show which is probably why Dragonball GT : Final Bout was a huge flop following its release.

Could Alundra have been more successful on the Sega Saturn?

As far as 2D Action-RPG titles are concerned one of the most underrated titles to have ever appeared on the PS1 was Alundra. For those who do not know Alundra was considered to be the spiritual successor to LandStalker: The Treasures of King Nole which was released for the Sega Genesis back in ’92. Following its initial release back in ’97 Alundra received praise from critics for various features including its combat system along with puzzle solving and platform elements which contributed to the overall replay value of the game itself. There are some who would argue that a game like Alundra would have stood out more on the Sega Saturn opposed to PS1 during 1997.

During the mid to late 90’s games such as Final Fantasy VII were starting become very popular. In fact, Final Fantasy VII was also released in ’97 and ended up becoming one of the best selling games for the PS2 ever. Games like Alundra were easily overshadowed on the PS1 and while the Sega Saturn was not as popular in America the time it could have used more 2D RPG titles such as this. But since the PS1 ended up selling at least ten times more than Sega Saturn overall it made more since to have Alundra on Sony’s game console during the time.

Could the Resident Evil 2: Remake be a success on the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know the Resident Evil 2: Remake is expected to app on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One next year on January 25th. The remake for this Gabe is at least 20 years in the making and its a Action-RPG that is almost certain to be a top selling game in 2019. However, there are some who wonder whether or not Capcom will ever port the Resident Evil 2: Remake to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year as well. The very last game in the series that we saw on a Nintendo based console was Resident Evil Revelations 2 which was eventually released back in November 2017.

Seeing that we do not have too many big survival horror titles for the Nintendo Switch right the Resident Evil 2: Remake could definitely be an attraction on the hybrid console. But then again , first party games such as Super Mario Odessey, Splatoon 2 or the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would most likely overshadow any third party game that would appear on the Nintendo Switch. If anything the Resident Evil 2: Remake would look better on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 opposed to the Nintendo Switch. Also, there has been no talk of Capcom bring the Resident Evil 2: Remake to the Switch console as of late so as it stands it might not happen at all.

Spider-Man PS4 bundle will be available on Black Friday

As many people already know the latest Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 has managed to become one of the best action-adventure titles of 2018. In fact, some would argue that the Spider-Man PS4 is one of the best superhero games of the 10’s decade along with the likes of Batman: Arkham Asylum along with Batman: Arkham Knight as far as the action-adventure genre of gaming is concerned. Since its initial release back in September 2018 Spider-Man PS4 game managed to sell over 3.3 million units worldwide within 72 hours making one of the fastest selling titles ever.

For those who have not picked up the latest Spider-Man game is a fan of the series you will be happy to know that the game will have a special package available on Black Friday. On this upcoming holiday people will be able to purchase the new Spider-Man game along with the 1TB game console for only $199. It has also been reported that there have been various deals along with the PS4 Spider-Man bundle will be available at multiple retail outlets including Best Buy, Walmart and Target includes the price reduction of the PlayStation VR for $199. In addition, PS4 DualShock 4 controllers will also be marked down to $39.99 which is something many people will be looking forward to on November 23th. It will be interesting to see how much the sales for the latest Spider-Man game will increase between Black Friday and the beginning of 2019.

Upcoming Games- Toe Jam & Earl Back In The Groove

As far as upcoming games are concerned for next year there are so many titles that the world is looking forward to seeing. If you grew up during 90’s and owned a Sega Genesis during the early part of that decade then you will be happy to know that we are finally getting another Toe Jam & Earl game courtesy of HumaNature Studios & Limited Run Games during the first quarter of 2019. Based on what we know Toe Jam & Earl Back in the Groove will be played from a isometric perspective will have nine playable characters that players can choose choose from. Also, Toe Jam & Earl Back In The Groove will also feature a four player co-op game mode that can be played both online and locally as well.

Also, Toe Jam & Earl Back In The Groove will be available for multiple game systems including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. The cartoonish visuals and the multiplayer game for Toe Jam & Earl Back In The Groove are especially unique since it looks like a show that you would see Cartoon Network. Hopefully, more details about Toe Jam & Earl Back In The Groove along with actually release are revealed as we get closer to 2019.