Is Gran Turismo Sport as popular as Gran Turismo 6?

There is no doubt that Gran Turismo Sport was a big deal in the gaming world prior to its release back in October 2017. Since its release Gran Turismo Sport has been praised for its visuals, sound effects as well as its controls and level designs. Despite, how popular Gran Turismo Sport has been since its release some would argue that the game was not quite as popular as Gran Turismo which was released exclusively for the PS3 back in late 2013.

Since its release Gran Turismo 6 had managed to sell over 5 million units worldwide and ended up being in the top ten as far as best selling games for the PS3 is concerned. As far as Gran Turismo Sport is concerned many would argue that even though the game did well in sales that Forza Motorsport 7 shined a bit more in late 2017 as a racing game. In terms on whether or not Gran Turismo Sport ends up selling more on the PS4 remains to be seen since its only been out for few months now. In terms of which game is better between Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Sport is a topic that is definitely open up to debate.


Could Ridge Racers 2 have worked on the PS2 in the 00’s?

When we think about racing titles from the 09’s there many games that comes to mind such Gran Turismo III-VI, Race Driver: Grid, Forza Motorsport I-III, etc. However, there are games such as Ridge Racers I & II for the PlayStation Portable that was never released for the PS2. While having Ridge Racers I & II released for the PS2 would have made more sense those games could have easily have been overshadowed by many other racing titles that have gained more popularity throughout the 00’s decade.

As good as the Ridge Racer gamers were in the 00’s the series did not feel as popular as it was when it first started during the early 90’s. The Ridge Racers series definitely has more competition as far as 3D racing titles are concerned during the 00’s. Having the PSP versions of Ridge Racers I & II helped both games standout more and were both attractive titles to own for those who had a PlayStation Portable.

Upcoming Games- Yoku’s Island Express: (2018)

When it comes down to creativity in video games one of the many titles that we can look forward to this year is a pinball like platform title called Yoku’s Island Express. This game will be developed by Villa Gorilla and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. and will be one of the few pinball like games to vs released on the Switch console this year. Yoku’s Island Express is expected to be released for multiple game consoles including the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

Yoku’s Island Express is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch on May 29th and will be priced somewhere between the £15.99-£19.99 ballpark in the UK. The pricing for Yoku’s Island Express in America is expected to be approximately $19.99 in the Switch console as well. Along with having an interesting story cool boss battles and beautiful artwork Yoku’s Island Express takes the concept of being a postman and makes it appear more adventurous than one could imagine. If you a Switch console and like platform adventure games than Yoku’s Island Express is definitely a game worth checking out this upcoming month.

Upcoming Switch Games- Light Fall: (2018)

There are so many games that the world is look forward to seeing in the near future on the Nintendo Switch this month along with the rest of 2018. One games that many will be looking forward to is Light Fall which will appear on the Nintendo Switch on April 26th. Light Fall is a upcoming title developed and published by Bishop Games which will be released for multiple game consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

As far as graphics are concerned one of the many things about this 2D platformer that stands out is the art style this game utilizes. The design for Light Fall looks beautiful and looks like something that would suit the Nintendo Switch very well. There is no doubt that Night Fall is a game that many people aware going to want to check out as its released for multiple game consoles this month.

Upcoming Switch Games- Battlezone: Gold Edition (2018)

For retro gamers who were fans of the original Battlezone game which came out back in the 80’s you will be happy to know that Battlezone: The Gold Edition is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2018. A few years ago we got to see a Battlezone game for the PS4 as the game was playable for those who owned a VR headset. Also, Battlezone has received a PC port back in 2017 which was something many people were not expecting but were impressed by.

The release for Battlezone: The Gold Edition was confirmed by UK developer and publisher Rebellion but as of right now the exact release date of the game is still unclear. However, Rebellion as confirmed that all prior DLC that has been released for Battlezone for PlayStation and PC versions of the game will be included in the Nintendo Switch port later this year. Players will have the chance to play through an exciting single player campaign mode along with a multiplayer mode that includes up to four players. There is no doubt that Battlezone: Gold Edition will be a title that many people will want to check out on the Switch console this summer.

Upcoming Switch Games- Another Eden: (2018)

There are many games that are expected to be available for the Nintendo Switch throughout 2018. For Switch owners who are into the RPG genre of gaming an upcoming title called Another Eden developed and published by Wright Flyer Studios is expected to appear on the hybrid console sometime in the near future. As of right now an exact release date for another Eden has not been announced but will hopefully appear on the Switch console before the end of 2018.

Also, Another Eden seems like it will only be ported for the Nintendo Switch at the time being which is interesting. Another Eden would most likely stand out more on the Nintendo Switch than it would on the PS4, Xbox One or even Microsoft Windows. As of right now Another Eden is currently a game available exclusively in Japan and it’s questionable on whether or not it will be released in other countries such as America and Europe.

Upcoming Switch Games- Skyspace Heads: (2018)

There are so many cool games that we are looking forward to as we progress throughout 2018. One of the many games that some are looking forward to this month is the re-release of SKYPEACE for the Nintendo Switch. For those who do not know SKYPEACE is a 2D action adventure title which was developed and published by Sonic Powered Co Ltd. and released back in June 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS. As of right now SKYPEACE is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch on April 26th.

In terms of how well SKYPEACE will do on the Nintendo Switch is something that is questionable. However, there have been a couple of 2D games that have been a success on the Switch console such as Stardew Valley so SKYPEACE May exceed the expectations of many. One of the most attractive features about the game is the graphics which resembles the 16 bit visuals from the SNES back in the early 90’s. For those who own the Switch console and are fans of action adventure titles SKYPEACE is a game worth checking out on April 26th.